Professor Silverio Di Rocca

Higher Degree in Dentistry (DDS) and Postgraduate Degree in Functional Orthopaedics (University of Buenos Aires), Higher Degree in Dentistry (DDS) and Doctorate in Dentistry and Prosthetic (University of Turin), Posturology Degree (C.I.E.S.)

Professor and International Director of M.P.R. International School, Vice-President of API Swiss (International Association of Posturology Switzerland)

Prof. Di Rocca completed his degree in Dentistry at the University of Buenos Aires in 1974, publishing his first paper titled: ‘Total Prothesis in three sessions’. Serving as First Lieutenant and Director of the Dental Department for the Argentinian Army, he achieved a post graduate degree in Functional Orthopaedics in 1982, from the same university. In 1990 Prof. Di Rocca Graduated from the University of Turin, and completed a Doctorate in Dentistry and Prosthetics, with a Thesis on Ricket’s Orthodontic Techniques. A year later he attended the C.I.E.S., College Internationale pour l’Ètude de la Statique, in Marseille.

Prof Di Rocca has since been consulting and collaborating regularly in numerous clinics in Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Spain, as well as pursuing his ongoing researching and teaching activities through the M.P.R. International School and in collaboration with other institutions and universities such as the University of Sevilla, Spain (Master in Orthodontics), the Maimonides University in Argentina, the London School of Ostheopathy, the Dental college of Dentistry (Sicily), the University of Siena, as well as multiple ongoing projects with UAI (Universidad Abierta Interamericana), University of Havana (Cuba) and ICOM School of Osteopathy.