Dr. Med. Bernhard A. Weber

Dr. med. Bernhard A. Weber born in 1953. Medical studies 1975-81 in Marburg. Assistant for four years in clinics. Eight years in the public health service. Investigations into amalgam as allergy causes. (J of Erfahrungsheilkunde, 1993)

From 1993 foundation of the Institute for Naturopathy in Marburg with some case studies on naturopathy (EAV diagnostics at the acupuncture point lymph 2 for toxic amalgam, Marburg heavy metal detoxification study, dry eye, MS, sleep disorders, chronic child diseases, joint pain, migraine).

Since 1998 Head of Naturopathy Day Clinic AG in Marburg with special accompanying therapy and search for causes. Cancer patients have 5 groups of reasons why cancer started, most important are silent inflammations of the teeth that should be found and healed.

Book: “Chronically ill what to do?” English, version 3, 2022, 120 pages, free from: NHK-AG@gmx.de

Publications in naturopathic journals. Telemedicine naturopathy for “arteriosclerosis – naturopathic regression possible” diagnostics (acupuncture point measurement with EAV and TimeWaver) the combination methodes showed surprising success for 1200 Patients, many had dental focus. EAV case study on nocturia combined with anxiety and kidneys. We publish the results of long covid treating with Electroacupuncture – Dr. Voll. 80 naturopathic drugs against viruses are known.