Dr. Domenico Massironi

Dr. Domenico Massironi graduated with honors in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Pavia and specialized in Dentistry at the same University with honors. Surgeon, specialist in Odontostomatology, pioneer since 1988 of the use of the operating microscope in the field of aesthetic prosthesis. Author of several books dedicated to dental precision and aesthetics, among which “Precision in prosthetic restoration”, written in co-operation with the dental technicians Mr. Alberto Battistelli and Mr. Romeo Pascetta published by Quintessence, and “Precision in dental aesthetics” written in co-operation with the dental technicians Mr. Romeo Pascetta and Mr. Giuseppe Romeo published by Quintessence and translated in numerous languages. He holds courses and conferences all over the world where he presents his working method. He has attended refresher courses held by the most prestigious professionals in the sector in Italy and abroad. He is an active member of many international academies and founder of the CAD CAM Academy. He is a member of the editorial board of EJED (The European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry) and MICRO (the International Journal of Micro Dentistry). He is the creator of a preparation system called “modified chamfer” and of a non-rotating sonic oscillating system for positioning and marginal finishing. Together with Dr. Carlo Ghezzi, a friend and colleague, he founded the MEG* training center (Master Educational Group). Teaching is based on the practical aspect and uses the operational areas with simulators as well as the new course center equipped with the most modern learning solutions.